Walking our Talk in Film

We hold safe space, affirm, support and represent the expansive diversity of the world in which we live. Diversity, equity and inclusion, is the very fiber of our production company – without which, we could not exist. We commit to discernment and analytically re-thinking systems and strategies to ensure continued learning and expansion in our changing world. We commit to maintaining a safe space for collaborations, innovation and production endeavours.

Broken Whole Productions embodies a culture of mutual respect, human dignity, equity and inclusivity as the norm. Our endeavours will always lead the way in this regard.

Through ongoing consultations, programs and events, we allow evolution and growth to maintain our culture of safety, inclusivity, relevance and awareness.

We acknowledge the valuable inspiration and powerful lessons in the flawed landscapes of our world, and embrace transformative content from audiences and communities of storytellers that have been underserved and underrepresented in the history of media – which includes but is not limited to those of us who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBQ2SI+, Female, Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Differently Abled. We believe in supporting, amplifying and empowering voices – rather than speaking on behalf of voices that already exist – to avoid misappropriation, misrepresentation and exploitation.

It is our mission to transform the landscape of film and render pledges like these entirely unnecessary and obsolete – as we witness the truth of our words in our actions alone.

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We are committed to listening to, supporting, and working with Indigenous communities and individuals.