The Right to Remain Silent – Feature Documentary

Imagine having a secret that you think no one will believe. Then realizing you’ll be believed but can’t say a word. For the first time, police officers speak out as survivors of sexual violence from within the very system that’s meant to eradicate the problem. True crime stories meet transformative healing as this film deep dives into the lives of officers to break the stranglehold of secrecy & halt the cycle of trauma.

TREACH – One-hour Procedural

Despite a humiliating end to her policing career, this former female cop considers returning to police when asked back as a police consultant during rising community/police tensions – whether it’s for revenge or redemption, no one’s certain – not even her.

Bubbleworthy – 30-minute Satirical Dramedy

Bubbleworthy follows three intergenerational Black women and a gender-fluid teen who are thrown together as part of a social experiment tv show.  Under the watchful gaze of a riveted TV audience, this motley crew navigate post-pandemic dating, family drama and city life with conflicting cultural imperatives, while stumbling through fiascos, triumphs, hookups and breakdowns.

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