The right to remain silent

The Right to Remain Silent

Feature Documentary | 90 mins

Imagine having a secret that you think no one will believe. Then realizing you'll be believed but can't say a word. For the first time, police officers speak out as survivors of sexual violence from within the very system that's meant to eradicate the problem. True crime stories meet transformative healing as this film deep dives into the lives of officers to break the stranglehold of secrecy & halt the cycle of trauma.

Stage: In Development

Get Happy

Get Happy

Feature-length Psychological Drama, Sci-Fi | 90 minutes

Liana - a guilt-ridden selective mute with post-traumatic stress disorder - takes part in a drug trial for a pill that guarantees happiness but soon finds herself (and the scientist in charge of the trial) going to extreme measures in order to free her from the guilt at the root of her unhappiness.

Stage: In Development

The Kids From Queens

Feature Film | 90 mins

Filling gaps in Canada's hip-hop history, this documentary features the force behind and the come-up story of Main Source - a rap group that's inspired hip-hop greats like Nas. Based in Queens, New York, the story follows a single mother who transcends abusive relationships in the early 80s, raises her sons to become music legends and forms a record label that launches her boys into stardom.

Stage: Pre-Development

Hello Hair

Hello Hair

Animated Web Series | 6 minute x 20 Episodes

When there's no one left to keep their grandmothers' salon and neighbourhood treasure open, these four best friends go on adventures to save the business and the fate of hair for all humanity.

Stage: Pre-Development | Based on Children's Book



60 minute Police Drama

Despite a humiliating end to her policing career, this former female cop returns to police when asked back as a police consultant during rising community/police tensions. She doesn't return alone. Pushed beyond her limit and backed by powerful people, she becomes the trojan horse that punishes the corrupt who hide amongst the heroes.

Stage: Pre-Development

Enter the Game


Feature-length Psychological Thriller

A driver of celebrities who moonlights as an influencer revealing the dark secrets of the stars must protect her identity after finding herself involved in a murder at the Cannes Gaming Festival.

Stage: In Development