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The time is now! We’re ready for a global transformation unlike any we’ve experienced before. We gather authentic people, who are doing real work, to engage in actionable talk around reshaping our world – together.

A subsidiary of True II Soul Network, we’re a multimedia platform with a mandate of “Creating safe space. Engaging powerfully. Transforming our world.”  The name Broken Whole is inspired by the Japanese artform: Kintsugi – which mends broken pottery with precious metals. Acknowledging the valuable inspiration and powerful lessons in the flawed landscapes of our world, we embrace the stories of transcension and transformation from audiences and communities of storytellers that have been underserved and underrepresented in the history of media – which includes but are not limited to those of us who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBQ2SI+, Female, Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Differently Abled.

We exist within a beautiful world of contrast – endowed with minds that conceive many amazing ideas. Individually, and within our respective silos, we can be amazing. However, when we connect outside of our silos, share, and collaborate, we move beyond the confines and constructs of limiting perceptions and liberate our ideas into realities. Broken Whole recognises that: Together We Rise


Born Out of A Passion To Serve



Creating community. Engaging authentically and powerfully. Transforming our world.


We’re active participants in manifesting a world where being True to YourSelf is enough! We’re contributing to a global socially conscious transformation through the powerful art of storytelling on multimedia platforms.


Tried – We are committed to the communities we support and the powerful stories we share. Our not-so-hidden secret is: Passion.

Tested – Through True II Soul Network, we offer vetted resources, support and community through a collective of industry experts, advocacy organizations, social justice warriors and committed changemakers who serve the greater good with steadfast integrity, trustworthiness and expertise. Our not-so-hidden secret is: Quality.

True – We are at our best when we are authentic. We hold space for you to be True to You by being True to Ourselves and doing what we love to do! Our not-so-hidden secret is:  Authenticity.

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We are committed to listening to, supporting, and working with Indigenous communities and individuals.